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7” Single - Starting price: £25.00 SOLD FOR £30,000.00 was a hoax?

The 22th of april 2016 a UK Liberty 7inch of Timi Yuro - It'll never be over for me from 1969 was listed on ebay.co.uk by seller big-yogi-bear with a starting price tag on £25. 10 days later the single sold for amazing £30.000.

There where a total of 51 bids on the 7inch before the auction ended on the May 2. 17.00 o'clock. But it seems that the seller did't have the slightest idea of what he was selling or that the item he had on auction was one of the rarest uk northern soul 45s on the market.

On 28-Apr-16 at 18:06:13 BST, the seller added the following information as the current bid was £321:
“I am afraid I do not know whether this record is original.  I am 20 and do not know anything about vinyl records (original or otherwise). I will  include a reply paid envelope when I post this record so the buyer can return it for a full refund if s/he is not happy with it.  Both my friend and myself are amazed at the amount of the bids on this record.  One can download this song from youtube by using the youtube to mp3 website.”
But the bidding bonanza would continue for another five days before peaking at unbelievable £30.000.

Two days after the auction ended, serious northern soul collectors claimed that the record was a fake and that the £30.000 bid was made by northern soul collectors to get attention drawn to the matter that some sellers try to sell bootlegs as originals on ebay.

From 45cat.com

We haven't been able to confirm any of the facts in this case, but as big-yogi-bear still has a 100% positive feedback score at ebay, we wonder if the sale went through and the 1969 7inch changed hands in a now infamous £30.000 deal on May 2. 2016.

- Item listing on ebay.
- Bid history from ebay.co.uk.

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