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Top 5 Records that made an extraordinary impression at the All Good Clean Records Headquarter

As 2016 comes to an end we have decided to compile a top 5 list of local albums that made an extraordinary impression at the All Good Clean Records Headquarter.
5. Pekka Volt – The Diary Of Buck Sonnet [LP]
Label: Crispin Glover Records
Genre: Indie Rock
The Diary Of Buck Sonnet is an extremely good produced album with great sound and catchy rock songs. It comes in an extremely well done packaging; a gatefold cover, in a specially designed plastic sleeve with printing and a large sticker that completes the cover art designed by Sylvia Stølan. The vinyl comes in transperent green vinyl and is limited to 300 copies.

4. Arabs In Aspic ‎– Progeria / Far Out In Aradabia [2xLP]
Label: Pancromatic
Genre: Prog/Space Rock
A re-issue of a compilation album sounds a bit boring, but none or less this one was awaited for a while. The first to albums by Arabs in Aspic, Progeria and Far out In Arabia was initially only released on CD. In 2011 the two albums where released as a limited 2xLP compilation album that fast reached a 600+ NOK price tag on Discogs. This edition comes in a gatefold sleeve on yellow/black mixed vinyl.

3. Holon – The Time is always now [2xLP]
Label: Autumnsongs Records
Genre: Prog Rock
The Time is Always Now is a massive prog rock album released on doubble vinyl in a very well designed gatefold sleeve. The album has received great reviews from various online magazines and the track 'A drop of me' was featured on the enclosed cd with Prog Magazine's November issue.

2. Vemod – Venter på Stormene [LP]
Label: Terratur Possessions
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Second re-issue on our list, but for the first time on vinyl, Venter på Stormene was initially released on CD and Cassette in 2012, and then re-released on vinyl in 2016. The album comes in two editions; a limited gold and a standard black version. The gold version has already sold for more that 500+ NOK on Discogs and the standard black is one of our best sellers in the All Good Clean Records Store in the fourth quarter of 2016.

1. Mattis Kleppen & Resjemheia ‎– El Bokko [LP+CD]
Label: Crispin Glover Records
Genre: Contemporary Jazz / Folk
The biggest listing experience in 2016 was the release from Mattis Kleppen & Resjemheia, El Bokko. A strange and beautiful album that will not stop revealing audiophile secrets and new layers. The album is packed in a very special pvc sleeve that is silkscreen printed with a Moiré pattern that creates the optical illusion of slithering snakes in a guitar case and a circular sticker on sleeve with a 'snake warning' triangle. We believe, that in a few years, this album will be mentioned as one of the most important releases from Trondheim in 2016 or maybe the whole decade.

Dekstra Large – Store Ord Åg Feittj Flæsk [LP] (HEADSQuarters)
The Sideways – The Sideways [LP] (Wonderful & Strange Records)
Black Moon Circle – The Studio Jams Vol II [LP] (Crispin Glower Records)
Kim Olve Breistrand – Kalde Kyss [LP] (Brygga Records)
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