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Albums you must own #2: «Hotel California»

Hotel California
This is a contribution from blogger Christian Bjørgen.

When you’re into rock music, you quickly discover who your favorites are. Either you like the old hard rock classics like “Paranoid” or most Deep Purple albums, the soft anthems of Yes or The Moody Blues, or the psychedelic madness which is Pink Floyd. And then there’s this odd band out that makes all kinds of music that everyone just seems to love. And in 1976, they made their magnum opus.
Hotel California by the Eagles was released on December 8, 1976, at a time when the band was already massively successful both in the US and in Europe. Hotel California was their fifth studio album, and was a special album for the band; the first without their long-time guitarist Bernie Leadon, their first with new guitarist and fan favorite Joe Walsh, and what was to be the last album with bass guitarist, song-writer and harmony singer Randy Meisner. The album became an instant hit, with three Top 20 singles, the title track reaching #1, and more than 32 million copies sold worldwide. It was an album that epitomized was the Eagles really were. Hard rockers, country musicians, guitar gods and harmonic choir boys; all jammed into one big mess with music that would make the most stubborn of folks weep.
Hotel California
But why should you own this album? Well, it is simply a fantastic album that sums up everything great about the Eagles. To be honest, you should have all their albums in your shelf, but Hotel California is a good place to start. If you like it, buy the rest! It is a great hybrid between guitar driven hard rock, groovy country rock, with elements of everything from classical music to funk and pop. Top it off with five-part harmony vocals and you’re good to go.

Also, it’s a cheap record to get. Remember how it sold 32 million copies? Well, a lot of them can be picked up at MusicStack Discogs, or Amazon for next to nothing. So what are you waiting for? Get buyin’!
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