I Like to sleep - Bedmonster

Limited Edition: 10x10 different inserts exists, all of them is signed by the band.
On October 6th 2017, I LIKE TO SLEEP a young jazz-trio from Trondheim, will release theri debut album; Bedmonster on the All Good Clean Records label. Their music is based on heavy riffs, catchy melodies with lots of room for improvisation - Power Jazz could easily be a description that suits the music of I LIKE TO SLEEP.

The album will be released on both vinyl and CD and comes in twelve different packagings(!).
The standard vinyl edition comes in a die-cut cover that includes a CD copy of the album. The 100 limited LP's are hand-numbered and includes an insert that is visible through the die-cut. 10x10 different inserts exists (see photo below), all of them is signed by the band. The CD-only edition is limited to 100 copies and comes in a hand-folded paper sleeve.
All artwork by Tore Østbø.

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I LIKE TO SLEEP - Bedmonster [STD LP+CD]
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