Out now but Sold Out:

Red Mountains - Rat King limited to 50 copies

On April the 21st Red Mountains will release their new song titled "Rat King" The single is one of nine tracks the band recorded for their sophomore album which is due for release in September 2017. In addition to the digital release, All Good Clean Records will also release the track as a limited 7" single accompanied by a brand new exclusive mix off an old song, "Nomads" on the B side.

The vinyl edition will be released as an ultra limited edition. Only 50 individually cut, hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl will be pressed.

10 of the 50 copies was available for pre-order via our web shop.


SPEkTR - Excelsior [LP]

Genre: Synth Rock
Release date: 24. November 2017

The new album Excelsior is mainly inspired by a universe drenched in synth rock – a place where soundtracks from 80s action movies and German acts and composers, like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Doldinger and Harold Faltemeyer, have had a significant influence.

I like to sleep - Bedmonster [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

I like to sleep specialises in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well-written melodies – a style labelled “Powerjazz”.

Terje Rypdal – Bleak House [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 25. August 2017

A re-issue of one of Norways most sought after Jazz albums. Originally released in 1968.