Plademesse i Absalon Kirke 3. november 2018

Så er det blevet tid igen til at få motioneret fingrerne i de mange pladekasser. Find de plader du mangler ikke vidste fandtes.
Som altid er der gratis entre, dj's og masser af plader og hygge.
Billeder fra Plademessen i Absalon Kirke:
Plademesse i Absalon Kirke Plademesse i Absalon Kirke Plademesse i Absalon Kirke
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Red Lama – Motions [LP]

Genre: Psych / Mod Rock
Release date: 23. February 2018

Motions is a collection of songs that appear even sharper in regards to songwriting, arrangement and production compared to the debut. From their starting point in the rock n’ roll of the 60’s and 70’s, the band has expanded its expression with references to kraut rock, British trip hop and Talk Talk-ish art rock of the 80’s.

I like to sleep - Bedmonster [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

I like to sleep specialises in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well-written melodies – a style labelled “Powerjazz”.

SPEkTR - Excelsior [LP]

Genre: Synth Rock
Release date: 24. November 2017

The new album Excelsior is mainly inspired by a universe drenched in synth rock – a place where soundtracks from 80s action movies and German acts and composers, like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Doldinger and Harold Faltemeyer, have had a significant influence.

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