Uke 49: Ukens anbefalinger

Denne ukes anbefalinger fra oss på All Good Clean Records

Eirik Aune Bøhmer

35007 – Liquid [LP] (2002)

35007 (“Loose” in beghilos) is a band from the Netherlands. The sound of 35007 has been described as stoner rock, psychedelic rock, space rock and progressive rock.

Jakob Kaas

The Budos Band – V [LP] (2019)

The Budos Band is a “doom rock Afro-soul big band with a ’70s touch” that joins “musical universes from trippy psychedelia and Afro-funk to ’70s hard rock and late-’60s soul.

Pandywax Rodahlskij aka Anders

LUMEN DRONES – Umbra [LP] (2019)

Each tune has a distinct identity of its own, and imprints itself on the mind very easily, as does the aesthetic unity of the album as a whole. Indeed, ‘Umbra’ proves compulsively listenable at whatever level you choose, and repays close attention and repeated exposure.

Ole Jørgen Slungaard Kristensen

The Amps – Pacer [LP] (1995)

Pacer is an album released in 1995 by the Amps, led by Kim Deal (Pixies). The album was recorded as a side project to her group the Breeders.