New AGCR sub-label and new Stadtverk single

We are launching a new sub-label called Rotor Records. First band on the label; Stadtverk has just released their first single Hjælp Te Sjølhjælp.

Upcomming Release: SPEkTR - Excelsior

Genre: Rock / Synth Pop / Sound Track'n Roll
Release date: 24. November 2017

We are very exited to present our fourth LP release in 2017. On November 24. we will release the new album Excelsior with Copenhagen-based soundtrack-rockers SPEkTR.

Track Premiere: I LIKE TO SLEEP - Brute

Genre: Powerjazz - Free Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

With five days to the release of I LIKE TO SLEEP's debut album Bedmonster, heres the first single from the album; Brute.

I LIKE TO SLEEP - Bedmonster Pre-order

Genre: Powerjazz - Free Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

The pre-sale for I LIKE TO SLEEP's debut album Bedmonster has now started. The album will be released on both vinyl and CD and comes in twelve different packagings(!)

Red Lama new single: Post Optimism, out now!

Genre: Psych Rock
Release date: 8. September 2017

The seven Danish lamas move towards new horizons and musical expressions with the release of their pulsating single Post Optimism on September 8th.

Upcoming release: I like to sleep – Bedmonster

Genre: Free Jazz / Power Jazz
Release date: 6. Oktober 2017

I like to sleep blowed our minds when we heard a live demo recording at the bands Bandcamp page more than a year ago. We immediately contacted the band, and asked them, if they would be interested in working with us. Now almost 12 months later, we proudly presents their debut album Bedmonster.

Music Videos

Bokassa - Walking Texas Danger

Barren Womb - Freak Flag


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SPEkTR - Excelsior [LP]

Genre: Synth Rock
Release date: 24. November 2017

The new album Excelsior is mainly inspired by a universe drenched in synth rock – a place where soundtracks from 80s action movies and German acts and composers, like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Doldinger and Harold Faltemeyer, have had a significant influence.

I like to sleep - Bedmonster [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

I like to sleep specialises in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well-written melodies – a style labelled “Powerjazz”.

Terje Rypdal – Bleak House [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 25. August 2017

A re-issue of one of Norways most sought after Jazz albums. Originally released in 1968.