PRE-ORDER: Stina Stjern's Numbness plays Stina Stjern vs Motorspycho

Genre: Jazz / Rock
Release date: 31. August 2018

The double vinyl album features seven Motorpsycho tracks arranged by Stina Stjern as they where performed by the NTNU Jazzensemble at the Trondheim Jazz Festival in 2015. The album is limited to 400 copies in total. 100 copies will be distributed via Stickman Records in Germany, 100 copies will be sold through All Good Clean Records. The last 200 copies will be sold at the three concerts in Oslo, Trondheim and Namsos in the start of September.

1099 - Blindpassasjer

Genre: Post Rock
Release date: 11. May 2018

Norwegian post rock melancholics 1099 are one of Norway's finest bands in their genre. Having played together for almost 15 years, this band has a lot of great melodies to share. The double album features 12 instrumental tracks all recorded, mixed and mastered in Autumnsongs Recording Studio by Rhys Marsh.

Stadtverk - Ein Lætt Paranoia

Genre: Blues Rock
Release date: 30. April 2018

Trondheim-based blues-rockers Stadtverk are the first band to release a record on our new sub-label Rotor Records. Ein Lætt Paranoia is a great piece of rock music with lyrics in Norwegian. The album comes in a limited edition on red vinyl including a lyrics booklet and a standard edition on black vinyl.

Short Skirts - Flower Junkies

Genre: Garage Rock / Surf Punk
Release date: 13. April 2018

The album features seven tracks that ranges from hard-driven guitar power-punk-pop to loose danceable boogie via exotic surf-ballads.

Red Lama - Motions

Genre: Psych Rock / Mod Rock
Release date: 23. February 2018

On Friday the 23rd of February Red Lama will release their new album called Motions. The first three singles Post Optimism, Awakening (feat. Bjonko) and Come What May have all been very well received and gained a fair amount of radio play on Danish national radio.

Music Videos

Bokassa - Walking Texas Danger

Red Lama - Come What May


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Red Lama – Motions [LP]

Genre: Psych / Mod Rock
Release date: 23. February 2018

Motions is a collection of songs that appear even sharper in regards to songwriting, arrangement and production compared to the debut. From their starting point in the rock n’ roll of the 60’s and 70’s, the band has expanded its expression with references to kraut rock, British trip hop and Talk Talk-ish art rock of the 80’s.

I like to sleep - Bedmonster [LP]

Genre: Jazz
Release date: 6. October 2017

I like to sleep specialises in heavy riffs, extensive improvisation pushed to its limits, and well-written melodies – a style labelled “Powerjazz”.

SPEkTR - Excelsior [LP]

Genre: Synth Rock
Release date: 24. November 2017

The new album Excelsior is mainly inspired by a universe drenched in synth rock – a place where soundtracks from 80s action movies and German acts and composers, like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Doldinger and Harold Faltemeyer, have had a significant influence.

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