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Bob Dylan (Ft. Johnny Cash) – Travelin’ Thru 1967-1969: The Bootleg Series Vol. 15 [3xLP]

New chapter in acclaimed Bootleg Series unveils 47 previously unreleased recordings, including outtakes from John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline and Self Portrait plus first release of fabled Bob Dylan-Johnny Cash 1969 Nashville studio sessions The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy’s highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series revisits Dylan’s pivotal musical journeys to Nashville, from 1967 to 1969, focusing on previously unavailable recordings made with Johnny Cash and unreleased tracks from the…

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Ghosteen [2xLP]

It is called Ghosteen.It is a double album. Part 1 comprises of eight songs. The Spinning Song Bright Horses Waiting For You Night Raid Sun Forest Galleon Ship Ghosteen Speaks Leviathan Part 2 consists of two long songs, linked by a spoken word piece. Ghosteen Fireflies Hollywood The songs on the first album are the children. The songs on the second album are their parents. Ghosteen is a migrating spirit….

Motörhead – 1979 [BOX]

Release: 25. oktober 2019 3LP + 2x 2LP + 7″ Pris: 1249,- 1979 was MOTÖRHEAD year – the year of ‘Overkill’ and ‘Bomber’. MOTÖRHEAD, the loudest band in the world, with the power and force of a hundred pneumatic drills they destroyed the nation over and again and no-one, repeat no-one, remained unaffected by them – everyone was torn limb from limb. The albums ‘Overkill’ and ‘Bomber’ were ten times…

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